Mayfair House located just a few minutes away from the main street of cilandak, serves as the perfect home for those who are looking for a comfortable, seduced and spacious living space while not being kept away from the center of activities.

Cilandak area is a modern village with a strong local culture, adapting a natural green area policy and easy access to greater Jakarta.

The strategic location and the simplicity of the modern architectural design – with an extra privacy and the excellent services within the living spaces complemented with a lush natural environment, makes it’s not just a modern settlement, but an exclusive and secluded heaven; your perfect gateway home.

Jl. Pinang Kalijati 1 no.16,
Kelurahan Pondok Labu, Kecamatan Cilandak,
Jakarta Selatan 12450, Indonesia

Gilang Panji
+62 21 71796233