The House of Sofia

April 3, 2018

With its imposing interior, Sofia may be intimidating at first, but its versatile menu appeals to many and is more casual than you think.

Driving past Gunawarman Street, the exterior of The Gunawarman is unmistakably imposing. A venture of Syah Establishments — a lifestyle-oriented group behind Ling Ling, Bau-Haus 1933, and Lucy In The Sky — the building is a boutique hotel that boasts a restaurant called Sofia, a lavish European-style restaurant located at the ground floor of the hotel.

Bearing a modern neo-classical facade, the building seems detached from its surroundings and so does the interior of Sofia. Blue velvet chairs, marbled tabletops, ornate classic lamps, all basking in a glorious sunlight flooding in from the high arched windows. The vibe feels opulent and polished that it conjures up an impression that one needs to dress up to the nines when dining here.